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I am currently writing a sci fi teen adventure book, here's a sneak preview:


The Whirlwind Adventures

©  2018 Gaby van Halteren


‘Oh, this is so not good’, Se’s said out loud although she was all alone in Whirlwind. But what was unfolding in front of her was ‘so not good’ indeed. It was actually very, very bad.

She continued talking to herself – or was she talking to Whirlwind, her parents’ small space transporter, she was piloting? She didn’t know and it made no difference anyway.

All the windows of the small spaceship showed this ‘so not good’ scenario she didn’t want to see: the hype. Why? What was going on? Had she done this? She had touched the controls only to start the engines and let the spaceship ascend, that was all – or was it? She couldn’t remember.

Now she screamed at the windows in frustration.

All she had wanted was to get away from the rest of the world for a while, the kids bullying her all day long for being different, her parents who didn’t understand anything anymore and just about everybody else.

Her parents … they would be fuming when they found out – but hey, she wouldn’t be there to see it, so that was an upside.

On the downside, where the … was she and where was she going?




Sarah looked up at the clouds. Why couldn’t they be stars? Then it would be night and this dreadful day would be over. Although, this one cloud directly above her was pretty funny – it kind of looked like a ufo. That was a cloud she liked.

‘Why couldn’t you just be one?’ she asked the cloud and sighed. She wanted nothing more than a ufo to take her up into space, away from it all. ‘I mean, it’s not like I have someone down here to talk to,’ she continued her conversation with the cloud. ‘My parents work all day and in the evenings and during weekends and I don’t have any friends. The kids at school are just mean to me. They call me a freak because I told some girl in confidence that I want a ufo to come and take me away. So, of course, she told everyone and now they all make fun of me.’ Another deep sigh. ‘And here I am, talking to a cloud … I really am a freak!’


These two girls from different worlds seem to have quite a bit in common - what will happen next? As soon as the book is finished, I will let you know here on this page.


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